4 Munchkins funny, sunny, summer bucket list!

11 Jul

Its almost here!!!!!  The school summer holidays are just a week away. I can’t wait No jumping out of bed rushing every morning. No school runs. No calls to go & collect Jason because he’s injured/hurting/sick. Just fun, fun & guess what? More fun! Family time is the best Every year I plan to do […]

4 Munchkins fun in the sun! Half term.

15 Jun

The weather was absolutely beautiful for the whole of half term All 4 Munchkins spent the majority of the week outside. Not an Xbox in sight which is a refreshing change lol We started off half term taking them to watch The Great Strait Raft Run. Its an annual event which sees people building their […]

Garden transformation…. Going green

21 May

Ground Force ain’t got nothing on us!!!!….. Well maybe that’s a bit extreme haha but I’m so happy with our garden transformation It was a absolute state before we started, we have a huge back garden so never really bother with the front. It was about time we put that right. Before – See I’m […]

The one where we go to Paris! And end up in the red light district…….. Disaster.

19 May

YEP!! You read the title of this post rightly unfortunately. We left Disney and headed for Paris. We had planned some sightseeing before our ferry home the following day. We had booked a hotel through booking.com called Hotel Baby. It claimed to be suitable for family’s so we had no concern’s and we would only […]

The one where we go to Disneyland! Final morning at Disneyland.

3 May

Our last morning in Disneyland came around so fast! We had had the most magical holiday though and created fantastic memories that we will never forget We packed up the lodge and squeezed everything back into the car then headed over to the park. The weather wasn’t the best, raining and cold but when we […]

The one where we go to Disneyland! Disney Dream’s show.

19 Apr

Well there really aren’t words for this amazing Disney Dream’s spectacular night time display! Its the most magical, magnificent display we have ever seen. The Disney Dream’s show is on everyday at park closing time. We got there well in advance to ensure we had a good spot to watch from, but turned out we […]

The one where we went to Disneyland! Disney Studio’s day.

22 Mar

We didn’t want to be jumping backwards and forwards between parks so it made more sense to set 1 day for Disney Studio’s. Although there was so much more that we could have done there, 1 day probably wouldn’t have been enough if you wanted to do everything. We didn’t go to watch any of […]

The one where we go to Disneyland! Ellie turns 5

21 Mar

Well what can I say…… my very own littlest princess turning 5 whilst at Disneyland you can’t beat that for a magical birthday. She excitedly opened all her presents at the lodge. She was spoilt of course lol and had lots of new Disney Princess dresses to wear. She decided she was going to be […]

The one where we go to Disneyland! Disney Days part 1.

15 Mar

So we got from N.Wales to Davy Crocket Ranch HERE. Next up was our first glimpse of Disneyland Paris 😀 By the time we had checked into the lodge and unpacked it was already getting on in the day and everyone was already pretty worn out from travelling. Looking at the Disney maps and what’s […]

The one where we go to Disneyland. Travelling & Davy Crockett Ranch.

14 Mar

Well long time no see We’ve had lots going on with Jason ‘s health etc that I haven’t had time to be writing on my blog unfortunately. But we went to Disneyland woohoo and I couldn’t pass up sharing our holiday story. It all started last October. I had started buying Christmas presents for the […]